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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Israeli Police Round Up African Female Migrant Without Clothes


The insult Africans are facing in Diaspora has gone beyond what any man could take again AFP captures a unclad African female migrant described as a prostitute in a series of raids by Israel’s immigration police aimed at rounding up and deporting illegal African immigrants. The scene was recorded on Tuesday near Levinsky Park, in the Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv, where thousands of migrants reside.
The question levitated at all nooks and crannies is WHY WASN’T THE WOMAN ALLOWED TO COVER HERSELF?
Some days ago it was also said that a Nigerian was shot dead for stealing, and when the body was being checked after several days, it was found out that he had stitches all over, and most of his organs were gone. But has this stopped the embassies in Nigeria from getting loaded with people that just want to leave the country for a ‘better life’ as we always say?

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